1. The past 2 weekends 2 full afternoons have been devoted to Patrick and Neale developing their own tomato juice and perfect Bloody Mary recipe with the hopes and dreams of marketing the stuff and selling it at the Charleston farmers market. I know its a travesty to my southern traditions but I just really don’t care for Bloody Marys. Too thick, too much, doesn’t do it for me. However, I have to admit these guys are onto something…the tomato juice (the part I dislike about Bloody Marys, not to be confused with the vodka part) is AWESOME. I could almost drink it and totally almost really enjoy it. As you can see from the pics we are all taking this R&D phase very seriously and enjoying ourselves mightily. I’ll keep you posted about any further developments and when you can plan to get some in your glass!

    1. dontblameyourparents said: The key issue you’re experiencing is that the American Bloody Mary has nothing on the Canadian Caesar. Fact. Myth-busted.
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